How I Landed First International Client


After my first successful client. I was searching for my next client. I approach local businesses. However, as I come from a small town, it is extremely difficult to locate businesses that require websites or applications. However, after some attempts, I realized that it was not the right market for my service, so I began thinking about other markets without hesitation. Mumbai was the right place to find clients, so I planned to go there. The initial plan was to stay in Mumbai for at least three months. I finally arrived in Mumbai and began approaching nearby businesses on the very first day.

On my second day, while walking down the street at night, I had a light bulb moment: if I approached each business individually, it would be extremely difficult. First, I would have to find the businesses in need, then offer my services, and they would decide whether or not they wanted my services. So, what is the other way to find clients? What if I approach agencies directly? They already have clients, and if there is client overflow, I have a good chance of getting clients. I wanted to give it a try. The next morning, I searched nearby agencies on Google Maps, collected their contacts and websites, and prepared a Google Sheet. Then I prepared a brief introductory script and started calling. The script was: "Hello, I am Saud Chougle, and I am a web developer. I checked your website and you do website design. The reason I called you is that if you have work that you want to outsource, I would like to help you.".


The first day, I called 12 agencies; the second day, 10, and the third, 3. Most of them said that we do not currently have any work, but please send your contact information and portfolio in case we need to contact you in the future. Some declined, while others stated that we do not outsource. Out of 24, no one said yes.

Then, out of nowhere, on the second day, I received a message stating that we checked your profile and found it interesting and would like to discuss it further. I was very happy. Finally, someone replied and expressed interest in my work. The following day, we scheduled an introduction meeting; they wanted to learn more about me. I prepared a PDF for our next meeting, which was to discuss my services and pricing for upcoming projects. Everything was going great. Then we had a meeting about an upcoming project, and they handed me documents outlining the project's requirements, which were to build an e-learning platform. However, the project was later cancelled. They began to include me in the meeting as a technical expert. We had three to four project meetings. I returned to my hometown after 15 days in Mumbai. I started attending meetings from town.

Finally found a project

After a month, there was another project for website maintenance, so I decided to give it a try and see how it goes. Initially, I assumed it had something to do with website design, but later discovered that it is an international project based in Germany. I had a great interview. The impression was great, and we had another round with the founder, which also went well, so I was confident it would be closed. They finally said yes. We signed a contract, and I joined and began working.

After working for 5 months, they are impressed with my work and considering extending my contract. Additionally, they want to work with me directly without agencies.

That's my short story. I'm hoping you get your next client.

If you are looking for clients and do not have a network, I recommend talking to agencies that already have clients; if they have clients or projects overflow, there may be high chances they will outsource.

Thank You :)

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